The Art and Science of Regenerative Eating: Building Better Health One Meal at a Time

Eat mostly fruits and veggies—mostly raw—and
keep carbs, dairy, flesh & soy proteins separate
to regain and retain better health!

Take my FoodMagick 4-Day Challenge
and feel for yourself what a difference
Regenerative Eating can make!

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My name is Sandra Mach, and I am
a Regenerative Eating practitioner
who wants to help you learn how
easy and delicious it can be to
achieve the best health of your life
just by playing with your food.

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End your horrible
digestive problems

Great Taste No Pain

is a great way to get your feet wet with simplified
food combining!

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Need one-on-one guidance?
My Custom Menu Planning Service is just the thing for you: More in-depth Regenerative Eating guidance and meal options personalized to include your favorite foods from your favorite grocery stores and restaurants...
Even fast food!


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"Food Disneyland" awaits!

Imagine a world where
the noodles are
gluten-free, carb-free, & calorie-free:
Miracle Noodle
makes eating noodles and rice guilt-free, too!

If the free info here or in my Challenge, emails, newsletters, or commentary has helped you, please consider supporting my work by making a purchase. Items under $10 available. Thanks!

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I advertise and sell these products because I believe they are truly beneficial...

And I use them myself!



Great Taste No Pain is a fantastic way to start with simplified food combining. This program is specifically geared toward people with digestive problems but the same food rules apply for reversing all kinds of health issues.


People who have digestive problems are the lucky ones because we can actually feel the bad chemistry resulting from eating incorrectly. Those who don't suffer these kinds of problems have a harder time identifying bad food combinations because they exhibit other symptoms instead.


These other symptoms aren't so obviously related to bad digestion, but bad digestion is ultimately the cause of them nonetheless. GTNP includes a great recipe book full of incredibly delicious and easy menus with compatibility guidance.



Miracle Noodle makes noodles and rice out of plant cellulose so they're gluten-free, carb-free AND calorie-free! Cellulose is also the most beneficial kind of fiber for our bodies.


These can be properly combined with meat and cooked tomato, and they are excellent for diabetics to use in place of pasta and rice.


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Look, I advocate the use of plenty of other products without any financial reward whatsoever, so I just figure if I'm gonna promote 'em anyway, why not make a little money, too? Especially these days!


(You may also notice I never insist that you use these products in order to be healthy.)


Any company wishing to advertise on my website must offer products or services which use only natural methods and/or ingredients proven to aid the body's own abilities without introducing harmful chemicals or otherwise causing damage to the body or hindering any of its processes.


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