The Art and Science of Regenerative Eating: Building Better Health One Meal at a Time

Eat mostly fruits and veggies—mostly raw—and
keep carbs, dairy, flesh & soy proteins separate
to regain and retain better health!

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and feel for yourself what a difference
Regenerative Eating can make!

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My name is Sandra Mach, and I am
a Regenerative Eating practitioner
who wants to help you learn how
easy and delicious it can be to
achieve the best health of your life
just by playing with your food.

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Everything you know about beating stress
is wrong

from MSNBC and Prevention



As we're discovering more and more these days, everything we thought we knew is wrong:

Yesterday's wisdom: Never soothe yourself with food
Today's smart strategy: Treat yourself to chocolate

Just be sensible about it, try to limit to one ounce per day.


Yesterday's wisdom: "Om" your way to calmness
Today's smart strategy: Do something you love

Great advice for exercising, too—let your play be active enough to cover exercise for the day!


Yesterday's wisdom: Control your temper
Today's smart strategy: Throw a tantrum now and then

Go ahead and yell at bad drivers, just do it with windows rolled up and not where they can see you yelling at them... Unless you are looking for a confrontation!


Yesterday's wisdom: Turn to family and friends for support
Today's smart strategy: Cuddle up with your pet

Yeah, because our pets won't tell us anything we don't want to hear!


Yesterday's Wisdom: Never go to bed angry
Today's Smart Strategy: Just get some sleep already!

Sleep is more important than solving the problem—without sleep, we can't function properly.


Yesterday's wisdom: Express your feelings
Today's smart strategy: Keep it to yourself

Discuss the problem and get it resolved. Don't keep rehashing it over and over or else you will never be able to move forward.

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Stress is just another health problem which can be mitigated thru observing a more correct diet. Eating better makes us feel better, which in turn elevates our mood, which in turn makes it easier to cope with stressors.


Eat dairy, carbs, and proteins at separate meals always, and try to eat more fruits and veggies than anything else each day. Do this and the usual stressors will soon seem silly, even laughable. Stop doing it and your old stresses will once again appear more powerful than they really are.


Read the full article here.


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