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Top 5 Habits That Harm Your Heart

from MSN and Harvard Health



They say avoiding these 5 behaviors can help us prevent cardiovascular problems:

being inactive
carrying too many pounds
eating poorly
drinking too much alcohol


Alone and together, they set the stage for artery-damaging atherosclerosis and spur it onward. They do this by deranging metabolism and changing how cells and tissues work. They also disturb the markers of health we worry about so much: blood pressure, cholesterol, and blood sugar. All too often, the end result of these five habits is a heart attack, stroke, peripheral artery disease, valve problem, aortic aneurysm, or heart failure. And the damage they cause isn't limited to the cardiovascular system, but extends to the kidneys, bones, and brain.

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The truth is we can avoid all of these behaviors and still have cardiovascular problems. Why? Because the major culprit is DIET.


The medical industry has a hard time pinpointing the real reasons for our health problems because they are looking at the minutia instead of studying the system as a whole. The whole body system is affected by digestion to a degree which cannot be overcome by any simple means of therapy.


The only way to effectively prevent health problems is to eat as Nature intends: Make the larger portion of each meal consist of fruits and/or veggies, with very little milk or other protein and/or starch (but never these three together in the same meal!), and a moderate amount of healthy fats each day.


If you want a little of everything each day, then make a breakfast of fruit and milk, at lunch have veggies and carbs, and for dinner have fruit, veggies, and protein. If a sweet treat is desired for dessert, make one yourself that uses Tupelo honey, agave nectar, or stevia as the only sweeteners.


When we practice proper food combining and at least 1/2 of all daily intake (serving for serving) is fruits and veggies, preferably raw, then the only health problems to worry about will be minor annoyances at best.


Raising the ratio of fruits and veggies to all other foods only improves health and fortifies us against even the minor annoyance illnesses. At around 2:1, or eating twice as many fruits and veggies as anything else each day, I haven't been sick since 2009!


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