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10 Ways to Live Normally With a Leaky Bladder

from MSN and



Twenty percent of adults over 40 have leaky bladder problems(!!), and their best advice is to 'Retrain your brain, your muscles, and your habits to control an overactive bladder'??

Overactive bladder is often caused by a disruption in nerve signals from the brain to the muscles involved in urination. Symptoms include the need to go often or suddenly. It's the second-leading kind of incontinence, as well as part of the most common kind, "mixed incontinence" -- having both OAB and stress incontinence, a muscle weakness causing leaks when you cough or sneeze.


Here are ten ways to live a normal life despite bladder worries:


1. Be sure you're not drinking too much -- or too little. <-- This aggravates the problem, but it isn't the culprit


2. Identify and avoid your trigger food(s). <-- It's really how we eat the foods together


3. Get the knack. <-- Pelvic floor exercises may help you hold it, won't help you heal it


4. Keep on Kegelin' <-- Helps you hold it, doesn't heal it


5. Visualize a delay. <-- No one would ever leak if this worked!


6. Quit smoking. <-- Will help ease the main cause of the problem


7. Treat your bladder the same, seven days a week. <-- Also not the real problem


8. Make sure all of your doctors know about a new prescription. <-- Meds are a HUGE part of the problem!


9. Wear tampons or pads for extra security. <-- I can't believe this article was written by a woman!


10. Get the right diagnosis. <-- Great to know the name of the problem, doesn't help make it go away

* * * * * * * * * *


So you're supposed to just deal with having a leaky bladder and follow a bunch of advice that doesn't have any real impact on the cause of the problem, huh? Or take more meds which may help ease symptoms but won't cure the problem and will likely cause additional harm to the body?


Wouldn't you rather HEAL it and not have to deal with it anymore?


Here's the secret: There aren't any single 'trigger foods'—it's HOW we eat foods together that causes ALL of our health problems, including overactive bladder and stress leakage.


I can attest that changing my diet has resolved the stress leakage I'd been enduring ever since my son was born. I don't worry about how much or how little I have to drink, I don't do specific pelvic exercises, I don't need to visualize a delay, I don't take any meds, I don't need to wear protective gear, and I never needed a doctor to confirm that I used to pee a little when coughing, sneezing, laughing too hard, etc.


All anyone needs to do to cure this problem—and also prevent it from recurring or ever happening in the first place—is to practice proper food combining, avoid processed foods, and reduce animal protein intake.


Consuming chemicals and eating too much animal protein on a daily basis is a leading cause of all cardio, pulmonary, and renal problems.


Read the full article here.


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