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12 Ways to Never Get Diabetes

from Prevention



That's a pretty misleading title for this article, especially since they follow it up with 'These simple steps may be all it takes to stay healthy and stop worrying about sugar problems':

1. Nudge the Scale: Shedding even 10 pounds can significantly slash your risk.
Regenerative Eating makes rapid weight-loss easy and effortless.


2. Pick the Right Appetizer: May we recommend the salad? Eating greens with a vinaigrette before a starchy entrée may help control your blood sugar levels.
Wrong. Eating vinegar with starch is a recipe for making or keeping you diabetic! Even if the vinaigrette is made with citrus juice instead of vinegar, that's still a bad combination with starch. Greens with starch, YES, but use a sour cream or olive oil based dressing with no vinegar or citrus in the ingredients. FATS are best eaten with starches to control blood glucose.


3. Ditch Your Car: Walk as much as you can every day. You’ll be healthier—even if you don’t lose any weight.
Ever wonder how anyone could do a lot of extra exercise and not see any real weight-loss? It's because only exercising without also changing diet is pointless activity that ends up leaving the body in a more toxic state instead of less so.


4. Be a Cereal Connoisseur: Selecting the right cereal can help you slim down and steady blood sugar.
Just don't eat it 3 times a day like Mr. Seinfeld! Eating too much starch, sugar, and protein every day is another big part of the problem. Also use coconut or other non-dairy milk instead of dairy with cereal.


5. Indulge Your Coffee Cravings: If you’re a coffee fan, keep on sipping. The beverage may keep diabetes at bay.
Just be careful how much coffee you're drinking and what's in it, especially if taking coffee with food. See my e-Book for more info.


6. Ditch the Drive-Thru: You might get away with an occasional fast-food splurge, but become a regular "fast feeder" and your risk of diabetes skyrockets.
Guess why? Because at most drive-thrus you order and eat carbs and proteins in the same meal. Eating these together is a HUGE part of the problem which can make or keep you diabetic!


7. Go Veggie More Often: Consider red meat a treat—not something to eat every day.
Animal proteins are best limited to 2 ounces per day. For most of us this small amount is just a tease, so if we want to eat more—safely—then we should limit intake to every 2 or 3 days. On meatless days we can meet our protein requirements with whole grains, nuts, peas, beans, etc.


8. Spice Up Your Life: Cinnamon may help rein in high blood sugar.
Cinnamon is great added to buttered toast, waffles, pancakes, cereal with coconut milk, etc.


9. Unwind Every Day: Chronic stress can send blood sugar levels soaring.
Chronic anything, including stress, is more a result of diet than most believe or understand. Eating improperly combined foods daily over time adversely impacts every aspect of health—physical, mental, and emotional.


10. Get a Perfect Night’s Rest: There’s a sleep sweet spot when it comes to preventing diabetes.
Less sleep = Reduced function and, over time, increased likelihood of sliding down your personal health scale to whatever your chronic condition is to be, not just diabetes. Getting adequate rest is paramount to achieving and maintaining good health.


11. Keep Good Company: Diabetes is more likely to strike women who live alone.
Yes other factors contribute heavily for those who live alone, especially if they are also isolated socially, but from the age group they studied it's more likely that they had just progressed down their health scale to that point by continuing their lifetime of degenerative eating habits.


12. Have a Blood Test: Many diabetes symptoms are silent.
Just don't panic if the results sound bad. Diabetes, like most chronic illnesses, can be reversed.

* * * * * * * * * *


We each come pre-programmed thru our genetics and heredity as to the health problems we can possibly contract, be infected with, or succumb to, and then that list can be expanded by deficient feeding and other adverse environmental conditions.


More than any other factor, using food incorrectly—day in and day out, year after year—causes our health to slide down that preprogrammed scale of health nightmares. If we also feed deficiently, then we suffer additionally from various nutrient deficiency symptoms as well.


Using food correctly prevents malnutrition and helps us move back up our health scale, out of any danger of developing the worse problems like diabetes or any other "unrecoverable" disease. Regenerative Eating can reverse even the worst of chronic diseases, cancer (when caught in time), so diabetes is a snap to reverse as well as to prevent.


One caveat: If you've been on insulin for too long, complete recovery may not be possible because your pancreas may have become permanently crippled by the insulin usage. Even if this is the case, you should still notice reduction of other diabetic symptoms and eventually higher tolerance for carbs (which also means less dependence on insulin, which ultimately also means less medical costs).

For those recently diagnosed and/or not long on regular insulin usage, Regenerative Eating can only help by reversing the condition, possibly completely.


Read the full article here.


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