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My Blog About Improving Health with Food & Other Natural Methods



January 1, 2013




Yes, please! Let's all stop lying to ourselves about making healthful lifestyle changes, and just start making them instead. The hardest part is getting started—and even if we do that then the next most difficult task is maintaining—especially when there are so many aspects of our health that need improvement.


Maybe you just need to lose a few pounds, or want to sleep better, have more energy, be more active... Or maybe you have digestive problems such as constipation, diarrhea, GERD, high cholesterol, IBS/IBD, kidney disease, ulcers, etc.


Or maybe you have developed other chronic health problems such as allergies, arthritis, early stage cancer, diabetes, erectile dysfunction, fibromyalgia, glaucoma, hair loss, heart disease, high blood pressure, incontinence, inflammation, macular degeneration, migraine headaches, osteoporosis, respiratory/sinus trouble, sleep disorders, or any combination of the thousands of human health problems to which the medical industry has given names.


Or maybe you don't have a diagnosed name for your suffering, but you just know that failing health is not something you should have to endure.


You would be correct.


The human body always tends toward the best health possible, and it is mostly our own daily eating and drinking habits that either help or hinder this natural tendency. A lifetime of incorrect eating habits breeds the myriad health problems so many of us are suffering, and turning this trend back toward better health is easier than you think.


Start by making just 1 fundamental change to the way you eat on a daily basis: Keep carbs and sweet fruits separate from proteins and acid fruits, always. If you will do this faithfully for just a few days, I promise you will start to notice many benefits almost immediately including better sleep, more energy, clearer thinking, improved bowel movement, and much more.


Adopting Regenerative Eating as a lifestyle change only leads to more healthful changes that continue improving overall function, such as a reduction in protein and carb intake ("they" tell us to eat way more of these than we should, which ultimately damages our health over time) and an increase in fruits and veggies (which, of course, "they" tell us to eat way less of than we should, ensuring further damage as we age).


When we eat more like humans should, health continues to improve rather than deteriorate. Signs of aging such as wrinkles, fine lines, and age spots fade away, excess weight drops effortlessly, and even chronic health problems melt into memory. Then along with renewed youth and vigor comes a strong desire to get outside and be more active, so you can see how the health benefits just keep coming.


Even after 3 years I still notice some new improvement almost every month, the most recent being NEW HAIR GROWTH. Yeah, you read that right...


Does this mean Regenerative Eating could even regrow hair for the bald or balding? That would depend on the reason for the balding and the condition of the follicles, but yes it most certainly IS possible for many of us.


So, which health problems would you like to make disappear? It really is as easy as playing with your food... Try my FoodMagick 4-Day Challenge and start feeling what a difference Regenerative Eating can make for you!


* * * * * * * * * *


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