The Art and Science of Regenerative Eating: Building Better Health One Meal at a Time

Eat mostly fruits and veggies—mostly raw—and
keep carbs, dairy, flesh & soy proteins separate
to regain and retain better health!

Take my FoodMagick 4-Day Challenge
and feel for yourself what a difference
Regenerative Eating can make!

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My name is Sandra Mach, and I am
a Regenerative Eating practitioner
who wants to help you learn how
easy and delicious it can be to
achieve the best health of your life
just by playing with your food.

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Magic spelled with a 'k' added at the end is defined as "the science and art of causing change to occur in conformity with the will." Food has such transformative ability, especially when used with the correct understanding of digestion and its effects on the human body.


Using food incorrectly over time makes us sick, tired, and fat...
or just plain sick and tired of being fat!


Destructive food habits are almost entirely responsible for the host of human health problems. When we change our diets slowly over time to correct those bad habits and eat by design, our overall health, body weight, and appearance seem to magically improve beyond what we ever dreamed possible.


Abuse of food causes health problems; correct use of food heals them. It really is that simple. And when we use food correctly, we eliminate the need for supplements and medications, which of course means less medical costs over time.


There is no magic bullet, no shortcut to truly great health.


There are a few good natural health aids such as fasts, purges, and colonics which do help speed up the transition... But even these require an immediate, extreme diet makeover for total effectiveness, and going thru these rituals can usually be described as less-than-pleasant at best.


At worst, other "shortcuts" result in more damage to the body. Pills and procedures, supplements and surgeries may or may not help ease symptoms, but they never treat the cause and often end up causing additional harm or another set of symptoms to be endured and overcome.


Regenerative Eating isn't difficult or yucky—or else I wouldn't still be doing it!—and the benefits realized from correcting my eating habits continue to blow away even my highest expectations. Better still, those same benefits and more are to be expected by anyone who can develop and maintain more correct eating habits.


YES, this does require a little more thought, money, and time in the kitchen than we're used to expending... But isn't it better to spend just a few extra moments or dollars NOW than to spend another minute suffering current health problems or worrying about how much bad health will cost later in both money AND quality of life?


Dr. Hay surmised that only about 1% of the population has the ability to understand and commit to Regenerative Eating for life. I put this material together in hopes of increasing that percentage exponentially because it is working so well and so easily for me, and I just want to help everyone else see how easy and delicious it can be to lose weight, look great, and feel like a kid again, too!


Anyone can do this, and everyone can succeed.


"The only way to fail is to choose not to try."
- Sandra Mach


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Take the FoodMagick 4-Day Challenge and feel
what a difference Regenerative Eating makes!


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