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This is an eggplant we bought last year for $5. It made lots of fruit last season, but only the night-raiding critters got to taste any of it :(


Still in the pot, much taller now, and producing like crazy already! Look at the very upper left corner to see the next one about to show:


Here's the newbie showing a week later, and with a special guest onboard:

That's an assassin bug, and if you're lucky enough to have them fall from the sky like me, then count your blessings because this little guy eats all the bad bugs you don't want hanging around your garden.


("Falling from the sky": I had a larger one land on me out of nowhere while I was laying out a few days before this picture was taken. I put it on the eggplant too, and now we have 5 that I know of, all patroling diligently. They also huddle together under a leaf when the sprinklers are running.)


Last year we also started some eggplant seeds indoors and then transplanted them to the garden. This is the only one of 12 that survived the drought and winter:

Okra is planted in the pod next to this eggplant, and the pomegranate is behind that with the blackberry to the right (and still behind the eggplant).


The wet area at lower right is a little marigold garden. I planted lots of marigold all around the garden because it benefits and protects most of the food plants I grow.


* * * * * * * * * *


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