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August thru November 2009



In August 2009 I was 100 pounds overweight and led a mostly sedentary lifestyle. I had been suffering the previous 5 years from IBS-D, borderline high blood pressure, carpal tunnel syndrome, arthritic joints, and random muscle spasms/shooting pains in my back and throughout my body.


Being active was a task, and a painful one at that.


In the most recent of those years, I developed gustatory sweating, chronic ache, stiffness and swelling in my knees and at the base of my neck, my ankles would swell up in the afternoons each day, and I was having recurrent yeast and bladder infections.


I usually felt sleepy after meals, and I would typically wake 2 or 3 times each night. The fatigue I felt at the end of the workday was so crushing I could hardly find it in me to cook dinner for my family, much less do any housework, yard work, etc.


The carpal tunnel had gotten so bad I started having to wear braces to bed most nights and even sometimes during the day, too.


By New Year's Day 2010 those physical problems were gone...


The IBS disappeared literally overnight. No joke. After just one day of eating carbs and proteins at separate meals I went from 5 years of having my morning constitutional be more like a terrorist attack every single day, to having solid, healthy, dare I say pleasant bowel movements.


On the second day I noticed a definite, palpable rise in my energy level, eating meals invigorated me, and I began sleeping like a baby all thru the night.


The arthritis, carpal tunnel, and chronic aches, pains, swelling, and fatigue started fading the first week. My face stopped sweating when I ate, and the yeast and bladder infections vanished.


In fact, at the end of my next menstrual cycle my body kicked out a rather large amount of yeast which had apparently been the source of the previously recurrent infections.


Excess weight was falling off of me at an average of 3-5 pounds per week, and within just a few weeks my arms even hung differently because the weight was coming right out of the middle!


My bathroom scales also reads hydration and body fat percentages via a current thru bare feet, and for the first time ever, those numbers started to move.


After a few months, I noticed that my relationship with food had completely changed... for the better! It took much less food to fill me up, and the smaller amount actually kept me satiated hours longer. I no longer turned to food as an emotional crutch, and my craving for sweets diminished.


Also my tastes for various foods changed. I suddenly found myself looking forward to eating more beneficial foods, and strongly disliking even the smell of foods that aren't healthy (you know… stuff that's fried, slopped in grease, drowned in sweet sauces, smothered with cheese, full of chemicals, etc.).


I knew something was different when I noticed I would salivate at the thought of a really great… salad!?!


It is SO easy to eat better when even
plain old veggies taste like a treat!


Shortly after my tastes changed, I started noticing what seemed to be a younger and younger version of myself in the mirror each day. Wrinkles, fine lines, and age spots started to disappear from my face, my hair was suddenly more shiny and bouncy, and my overall skin condition improved as if I had been bathing in moisturizer.


Hard to imagine, but it gets even better...


* * * * * * * * * *


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