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December 2009 thru April 2010



Christmas 2009 (4 months into changing my diet)… My sister was showing off the flab-free arms she got from working out with a professional boxer three times a week for the previous few months, and she challenged me to arm wrestle her. I was hesitant, but I wanted to see if the strength I thought I felt on the inside was real, so I accepted her challenge.

She claims she let me win.



January 2010… A coworker and I were talking about needing to get exercise, and I told him I used to walk the stairs in our office building (6 stories). He said he was doing that every time he went to the restroom, typically twice per day. He was about to head up right then, so I followed along.


I hadn't done this since 2006, and even going to our other office on the second floor would leave me winded just a few months earlier. This time I didn't even start breathing heavily until the 4th floor. I continued to the top, took a little rest, and then walked right back down all 6 flights.


My coworker complained about my pace
and rode the elevator back.



February 2010… In my ongoing quest to eat the freshest foods as often as possible, I decided to clear out some garden space to grow my own. Previously, anytime I spent a hard day working in the yard, two days later I would be stiff, achy, and hardly able to move. This time—even with all the raking, digging, and weed pulling—I had no fatigue afterward. NONE.


That was a first for my entire adult life,
even when I was younger and much more fit.



March 2010 (Spring Break)… I prepped and planted 1 fruit- and 2 veggie-gardens. I worked in the yard for 3 days straight, and the only complaint from my 39 year old body was localized muscle soreness in my hammies from all the up/down activity.


That Friday, we spent a relaxing day at the beach visiting with my sister. I have never been to the beach and NOT gotten burned, even when diligently using sunscreen. Since I was on vacation, I hadn't even used my daily facial moisturizer with SPF all week. We sat unprotected in the sun for hours, not feeling the heat because it was so breezy and chilly.


Everyone's face got burned... Except mine.



April 2010… I tested my blood pressure using one of those machines at the pharmacy, and it read 106/64 (heart rate 58). I almost fell out of the chair! I realize it probably wasn't accurate, but even if a little off it's still a far cry from 130/80.


I'll take it... Along with whatever comes next!


* * * * * * * * * *


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