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Summer 2010



May 2010… I spent a whole day Saturday working in the yard wearing a tank top and shorts—no sunscreen—not noticing the sun's rays or heat until very late in the day. My back and shoulders burned enough that, based on my previous 20-year history with the burning/blistering/peeling cycle, I fully expected the same thing to happen.


It didn't. In fact, my sunburn was completely healed
to a nice deep tan by Tuesday.


The following Saturday was a repeat to a lesser degree, and that day's burn healed by Monday. I was rocking a tan for the first time since my teenage years!


How great is it when your diet can protect you
even from your own stupidity??


Even with no routine exercise and only sporadic activity like the über-gardening every other weekend or so, my body also started to show muscle definition in my arms, legs, and torso. When I flexed, it was obvious that the definition wasn't just from loss of fat, though I had lost 60 pounds by then and was down to a size 12-14.


That's a Large, without any 'X' in front. Having to buy smaller clothes every few months is a problem I don't mind having! Guess I should take my old clothes to Goodwill…


I love having supreme confidence that I won't need
to keep any "fat clothes" around anymore.


And for the first time ever, I began to enjoy looking at myself in the mirror—even naked! Sure, I'd looked better and had been more fit than this, but I never felt as good about it before.



Summer 2010… Skin that had been a little loose from the quick weight loss seemed to be tightening up in phases. First was my neck, which I noticed while putting on my moisturizer: One day the skin moved a lot under my hand, and the next day it didn't. Then one day my upper arms didn't jiggle during activities such as washing my hands anymore… Then the skin around my torso and ribs tightened up… Then my thighs seemed to shrink a little.


I also noticed a definite change in the way mosquito bites affected me. After a lifetime of always getting large welts that itched so badly I would scratch them raw and cause a scab, now there was a little itch right when bitten, and maybe for a few minutes right afterward, but then no bother at all and the bite just turned into a small, flat, red dot.


My weight-loss seemed to stagnate, but I could see and feel these other changes so it didn't really bother me that the number on the scale was being so stubborn!


* * * * * * * * * *


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