The Art and Science of Regenerative Eating: Building Better Health One Meal at a Time

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My name is Sandra Mach, and I am
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just by playing with your food.

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Holidays 2010


September 2010… I was trying to read some very fine print but my glasses weren't helping at all, so I took them off. To my surprise, I could read the exceedingly tiny font better without my glasses. Dr. Hay mentions in his books that the eyes improve as well since all organs and tissues are improved throughout the body, but I have astigmatism which is a flaw in the shape of my cornea…


Is Regenerative Eating correcting even that??



October 2010… My son came to say good morning while I was out in the backyard, and he said, "Wow, Mom! Your face looks really clear, like your freckles are disappearing or something. You look really young!" Truth is I'm a lot less "freckly" nowadays—all over—as my skin continues to improve and more age spots disappear. I can't imagine that my real freckles will ever go away, but wouldn't that be incredible!


I don't know how my weight crept back up 10 pounds... Couldn't be all the Halloween candy, could it?? When I realized I had let this happen, I pulled out all the stops: I cut out sweets for 8 days and dropped all 10 pounds!


I realized then that we truly are the masters
of our own health and weight.



November 2010… A lot of the friends, family, and coworkers I had introduced to food combining over a year ago never did anything with that info because Great Taste No Pain was geared toward people with digestive problems, and they didn't have those kinds of problems. Even as I continued to extol the whole-body healing abilities of the Hay Diet, they balked.


Now after seeing the changes in me, my svelte body and clear skin radiating health from every pore, everyone wanted me to teach them what to do.


I also put on 4 pounds over the Thanksgiving holiday, but I was able to take it all off in just one day just by juicing for breakfast and lunch and having a salad and baked potato for dinner.


How easy and awesome is that??



December 2010… At family Christmas we played a game where everyone writes a response to a phrase and the goal is to guess who wrote which response. One of the phrases was "Things I wish I could change." The answers are exactly what one would expect: "Waist size," "have smaller thighs," "my age," etc. I was floored. Everyone wants to change these things, but no one wants to change the way they eat.


The saddest part? Changing the way we eat is by far the easiest as well as the only truly effective way to improve the way we look on the outside AND how we feel on the inside.


Even fitness experts give diet 70% responsibility for overall health and weight. I believe it's more like 90% because fixing the food leads naturally to being more active, getting more fresh air and hydration, more efficient elimination and detox, and getting better rest—all things that help the body function even better.


Feeling and looking better from the inside out
comes very easily just by getting the food right.


Since so many people who dismissed it before were now showing such heavy interest, I started developing this website. This cut the little bit of sporadic exercise I was getting to nil, so I compensated by cutting my carb intake. My weight started falling again!


* * * * * * * * * *


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