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January 2011… I went to the eye doctor to get new glasses and discovered that the same prescription I've been wearing for the last 5 years is now too strong. My eyes are really improving with age?? (I've been told this happens sometimes... But not in my family!)



February 2011… All my clothes are too big, once again—even my belt now, too. Time to go shopping for another size (down to 10 now).


WOW! I just realized that even at my fittest and most trim as a very physically active teenager, the smallest I've ever been was a size 8, and right now I am down to a 10!


Talk about "high school skinny!"



March—May... I had one of those little white cholesterol bumps on my eyelid for so many years I can't even remember, and it has suddenly disappeared. Another bump on my other eye seems to be getting smaller, as do some of my larger moles...?? It seems I may be turning back the hands of time in every way!



June 2011... My skin is starting to distract me. It catches my eye while I'm typing, glowing with a beautiful, healthy tan for the first time in 20 years. It is supple and dewey—two words not normally associated with 40 year old skin—and lately it is firming up in all the right places, namely my tummy and breasts. Gotta love that! And the muscle tissue underneath is positively sinewy!


Also mosquito bites don't even itch or leave any noticeable marks at all anymore. For the first 38 years of my life, every mosquito bite left the typical itchy bump that I would then usually scratch raw. Last year bites itched a little at first and then just left a flat red dot. Now they don't itch or leave any visible mark...


Amazing to think that one's diet can do so much!



Summer 2011... I have a large flat mole that literally divided itself in half, and then one side of it faded nearly completely away. At first I didn't pay it much attention, thinking the little white line was just a dry patch or something, and then one day I noticed that part of the mole on one side of the line was faded almost completely away!


And this is happening even as I try to make sure I get
unprotected sun exposure daily. Hmm...


My son decided to start trying to eat regeneratively, and his new favorite fast food meal is—get this—Wendy's Baja Salad. He eats all the salad goodies with the tortilla strips and saves the chili for later. I have to say I don't mind feeding him fast food a lot more often if he's going to ask for salad!


At the end of July I started taking health breaks at work. I figure if the smokers can go kill themselves a little more several times a day, and drive all of our health premiums up to boot, then certainly I can get some exercise and fresh air a couple of times a day.


My office is on the second floor of a 6-story building, so I started by walking to the top of the building and back down, followed by a lap around the building. This quickly turned into jogging up the stairs, doing a lap around the top floor inside, jogging back down the stairs and then walking 2 laps around the building outside.


Ten minutes of cardio, twice a day
(and not even twice every day or at all on weekends)
was all it took to break my weight-loss plateau!



September 2011... My son's Scoutmaster was diagnosed with h. pylori-induced ulcer, and even the medicine he took to kick the infection hurt his stomach. He was in constant, nearly unbearable pain. He decided to try my 4-Day Challenge, figuring it certainly couldn't hurt anything (or hurt any worse!).


After just one meal, his stomach pain subsided completely. And this is a man whose leg is still not completely healed from a motocycle accident 4 years ago.


Just goes to show how quickly the body responds
to proper care and feeding!



October 2011... I am starting to prefer my vegetables raw nearly always now, which means my diet is now also mostly raw since I eat at least twice as many servings of fruits and veggies as everything else each day. Broccoli and cauliflower taste especially delicious, and this is from someone who used to avoid both of these things like the plague.


My son has replaced his usual school snack bar lunch with their salad meals, and every week he notices greater muscle definition in his arms, chest, and legs—even though he isn't doing any extra exercise of any kind. I think he's becoming a believer!



November 2011... This Thanksgiving I decided to try things a little differently. Since most desserts can come right after a starch meal, I started the day's culinary events with the turkey and all the protein-friendly sides (green beans, salad, steamed veggies, cranberry, etc.) at lunch (we serve the main meal in the early afternoon).


I made myself a protein-friendly dessert of whipped heavy cream with several Just dried fruits, raisins, chopped nuts, and Tupelo honey in case I needed something in between, but I didn't need it after all.


When I felt hungry again around dinner time, I went for the starchy goodies (roll, potatoes, corn) with some more salad and steamed veggies. Following that up with a sliver of each kind of pie I wanted really made for a satisfying Thanksgiving!


Eating better doesn't have to mean denying yourself any of the pleasures of food!



December 2011... The other side of the mole that split itself in half a few months ago has started to shrink in noticeable chunks. Now it vaguely resembles a crescent moon.


Even though I haven't been doing my health breaks at work since before Thanksgiving, the cellulite on my thighs is fading away, and my legs naturally look more toned as a result. I can hardly wait to see what happens when I actually start walking or doing some other regular exercise again!


... And then I stubbed my pinky toe really badly 2 days after Christmas, to the point I almost started thinking I may have broken it. It swelled and bruised down into my foot, and I think I made it worse when I had to bend down suddenly later the same day and my shoe pinched it. OUCH!


That was on Tuesday, and by Friday it was hardly noticeable that my foot had been injured at all. My husband was shocked, especially since it had looked so bad with swelling and deep bruising just a day or two before.


I just shrugged and told him that's how a body is supposed to work.


Here's another example of a body that works right: My son came down with a nasty case of the flu on Monday evening, complete with high fever, chills, achy bones, etc. With proper care and feeding during the illness he was over it completely by Thursday morning.


I keep hearing these Tamiflu radio ads featuring a whispering voice asking, "Think you can make body aches and raging fever go away like a little cold?" Here's my answer:


"YEP, and we didn't even need a prescription!"


* * * * * * * * * *


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