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My name is Sandra Mach, and I am
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January 2012... What an awesome start to a New Year—on vacation (well, staycation anyway) and getting to enjoy sunbathing in cool, brisk weather, nude. What a RUSH!


If you have a privacy fence, take advantage of it! The human body needs direct sunlight to manufacture Vitamin D, which we are all sorely lacking these days.


Gee I wonder why, especially when our whole lives we are told that the sun is bad and we must always be protected from it...




Yes, TOO MUCH sun is very damaging and causes many skin problems, some deadly. But we NEED sunlight on our bodies—it's one of the requirements for us to be completely healthy, and it's the very best source of Vitamin D for us.


As usual, the truth lies in moderation. We need sunlight, but not too much or else damage can occur. So what's the right amount? THIRTY MINUTES per day as evenly as possible on as much exposed skin as possible.


I've been sunbathing nude or as near to it as possible, laying out 15 minutes on each side, on every single day I've been able to since last summer, and my skin continues to get younger looking and more clear and resilient each week...


No worries of looking like a leather bag here!



February—April... Had a couple of days where my body communicated that I was eating too much sugar. Still in "holiday" mode, I guess! And I was a little disappointed that I didn't pay attention to all the other signs my body had been sending me. Oh well, hind-sight is 20/20 and all that, right?


Lesson learned:
Don't be dismissive of anything your body tries to tell you!


Also started the 3rd year of my fruit and veggie garden, this time kicking the companion planting into overdrive. I hope it produces plentifully...


Started a facebook page too—beautiful gardening photo albums can be viewed there, and I will post commentary on health and nutrition articles to help others see thru the health hype and propaganda. So much of what we think is right, is wrong!



May 2012... The realization that I wasn't perfect was a shocker to one of my favorite web contacts Haha! (Read May's blog entry for details.) After sending myself so far down the health ladder, I decided to rebuild my alkaline stores quickly by trying to eat all-alkaline every other day.


Just one week of eating at a higher ratio every other day (couldn't seem to resist those naughty carbs and proteins as much as I had planned!), and already my mind is working with high-speed clarity, my skin has become velvety-soft, and the cellulite on my thighs seems to be vanishing again—only this time it's more dramatic and outwardly noticeable than before...


Trying to eat alkaline more often has also inspired me to alkalize recipes for my favorite foods and treats, but that is turning out to be much easier said than done. Luckily my very well-skilled-in-the-art-of-cooking mother agreed to be my "test kitchen" when I asked her for help during our Mother's Day visit.


Hopefully this will help prevent unfortunate nicknames for my creations, like "frownies" (what DH called my first attempt at making alkaline brownies).


Also had another amazing recovery from what should have been a much more devastating injury. I severely jammed my big toe by stupidly kicking an inanimate object (and also a nearly immovable one, as it turns out) really hard with my toe in exactly the wrong position.



It swelled and bruised deeply on the bottom and along the inside down into the foot a bit, and it hurt to walk on or even touch, at first... But the next day it was already much better. Recovery has progressed steadily each day, and now just 6 days later you can hardly even see any evidence of injury, and I have almost complete range of motion back already as well.


My "new skin" was one thing, but this is a whole new body
where all systems function at a higher level than ever before...



June—August... What a miserable, hot mess of a summer! First, one of my favorite little lizards that lives on our patio died, and then so did my garden. All my zucchini and most of the green beans were lost in a matter of days, with the cucumbers and nearly everything else following shortly after. I was a little depressed about all this bad luck, and it was so oppressively hot outside with monster mosquitos that I just kinda stayed inside for a couple of months.


The end result of that was just as you might imagine: A little weight gain, an unhealthy palor, and I found myself once again consuming sugar like it was going out of style. This is the one food demon I have left, and it's turning out to be a real bitch to exorcise.


All of this misery was at least book-ended with high notes. A young lady contacted me on facebook at the beginning of June to see what Regenerative Eating could to help her drop the post-college poundage before her wedding later this year. I of course advised her that this isn't a crash diet and should be treated as a lifestyle change, and then I suggested she give my 4-Day Challenge a try.


I didn't hear from her again until the beginning of August, when she sent me a facebook message saying she had lost almost 20 pounds in the 2 months since our first contact. There was actually a little discrepancy because in June she stated she weighed 146, but in August she said she went from 138 to 119... So maybe it was even 27 pounds that she lost in just 60 days, and she said she did it by just using my 4-Day Challenge over and over because she enjoyed all the food suggestions as they were.


And remember, even such incredible results as these ARE typical!



September—October... Back to spending all day outside, breathing fresh air and getting some good sunlight! In my ongoing quest to kick my horrible sugar habit, I came up with a weekly diet plan for myself that would ensure high alkaline intake and hopefully help me break this addiction. I'm basically just pretending that I'm coming off of a fast, but reintroducing the range of food sources in a matter of a week instead of over a month (since I wasn't actually fasting to begin with, remember?).


Honing the eating plan and finally following it more strictly has resulted in a 75% reduction of sugar intake, which in turn thoroughly cleared my lungs of congestion, made my skin retain moisture better, and I'm not sure these are related because I didn't notice exactly when they stopped being problems, but my left hip no longer screams in agony when I try to sit with my legs criss-crossed, and I no longer have any hint of stress incontinence when I sneeze...


I can hardly wait to experience whatever happens next
as I continue to adopt more regenerative habits!


* * * * * * * * * *


There are no words to accurately describe just how great it feels once you realize that:

* ALL your old aches, pains, and fatigue have melted away for good...

* Some chronic health problem has suddenly healed itself, and then another goes away, and another...

* You will never again have to worry about weight gain, counting calories, obsessing over sodium, sugar, or fat content (or keeping fat clothes)...

* You can breathe and eat completely without discomfort, you sleep like a baby and have the energy to do whatever you want, whenever you want...

* You look and feel YOUNG again... Probably even better than you ever did before!

* And it is fully within your own power to get and stay completely healthy by making just 1 fundamental change to your daily eating habits.

Diet pills may or may not help us eat less, and that's great if they do... But if we're still eating incompatibly and/or eating too much acid-forming foods and not enough fruits and veggies, then we will continue to suffer digestive problems, respiratory issues, migraines, kidney stones, circulatory problems, organ and system failures, premature aging, and all the other health problems to which we are susceptible and which our environment breeds, regardless of how fat or skinny we are.


And what happens when you quit taking the diet pills?

Or are you supposed to keep taking them indefinitely??


Eating a more correct diet isn't hard, but to stick with this almost requires that we actively resist paying any real attention to the latest "health craze" or "fad diet" or "super-food" nonsense.


All real whole foods are super-foods, and everything else we put into our bodies is junk. Well, if we are what we eat, I'd prefer to be made of better stuff, thanks! And ever since I started eating better my body has responded in ways that continue to amaze me every day.


Then I discovered that all my awesome improvements are actually some of the standard "side effects" of Regenerative Eating. Now I just want to help others discover how easy it is to just feel good and be truly healthy, from the inside out!


* * * * * * * * * *


Have you tried my FoodMagick 4-Day Challenge yet?
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