The Art and Science of Regenerative Eating: Building Better Health One Meal at a Time

Eat mostly fruits and veggies—mostly raw—and
keep carbs, dairy, flesh & soy proteins separate
to regain and retain better health!

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My name is Sandra Mach, and I am
a Regenerative Eating practitioner
who wants to help you learn how
easy and delicious it can be to
achieve the best health of your life
just by playing with your food.

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When I first started practicing simplified food combining using the Great Taste No Pain program, I didn't know the full potential of Regenerative Eating or else I would have taken specific progress photos.


Instead, what I have starts with candid shots taken at random times, but you can still see the changes and progress. Even photos less than 4 months apart show a difference in my body shape, even as my actual weight has stayed within the same 5-pound range.


I've been skidding on this particular weight plateau for a while now, but since I've been able to see and feel other changes and improvements, it has been very easy to not be bothered by the fact that my weight hasn't changed much.


Weight is just another number that means nothing by itself.


* * * * * * * * * *


July 2009... Approximately 1 month before I started practicing Regenerative Eating:


Is that a chineck?


It looks like my neck has a spare tire! Size 22.



Christmas 2009... Just 4 months into changing my diet:

By this time I had already lost 45 pounds and at least a couple of chins,

even while getting to enjoy chocolate regularly! Size 16.



July 2010... Independence Day at the beach:


Nineteen more pounds down, size 12-14.



November 2010... Thanksgiving, tending to the garden:

Nine more pounds down, solid size 12.



February 2011... Valentine's Day:

Just 5 more pounds down, but size 12 is getting loose.



April 2011... Less 1 fool:

And look! My chin and neck are once again separate entities...

Squeezing into size 10 jeans.



July 2011... Same weight, tighter arrangement:

A coworker-friend of mine calls me Jessica Rabbit for my va-va-voomy hourglass figure,

and my son says he doesn't even remember that I used to be fat.


I'll take it!


* * * * * * * * * *


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