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Can you think of a better way to take the edge off a hot day than a nice refreshing bowl of homemade ice cream? I can... Add fruit! And chocolate!


And you thought Regenerative Eating was a diet...



3 Cups thin cream
1 Cup heavy cream
6 Tblsp Tupelo honey
1 tsp vanilla

chopped peach (we also included pineapple, cherry, and raspberry too)

unsweetened baker's chocolate

Combine first 4 ingredients and freeze, preferably using an ice cream maker. Using Tupelo honey, pure agave, or non-sugared stevia such as SweetLeaf brand for the sweetener keeps the ice cream compatible with all foods.


We didn't have thin cream on hand, but we did have unsweetened vanilla almond milk so I used 2 Cups of that with 2 Cups heavy cream.



While the ice cream is freezing, chop up some refreshing acid fruits that complement each other well, such as peach, pineapple, cherry, and raspberry.




Combine melted unsweetened baker's chocolate with raisin syrup, pure agave, non-sugared liquid stevia, or Tupelo honey to make a dessert sauce. Using the honey will cause the sauce to harden a bit when poured on the cold ice cream, almost like a Tootsie Roll married Magic Shell and this was their kid.


Add ice cream to fruit and pour sauce over all. Top with more fruit if desired.



To enjoy a similar treat after a carb meal, just use bananas, blueberries, pears, and/or raisins for the fruit.


* * * * * * * * * *


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