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My name is Sandra Mach, and I am
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Still wondering if Regenerative Eating can make a difference for you?



Received 10/18 - HELP ME!!

" I recently came across your food magick site and have decided to give it a try. I am a 22 year old female. For the past 3 years, I have gained an uncontrollable amount of weight. I am about 5'6'' and weigh 207 lbs currently. I have tried fad diets and excessive exercising and my weight just will not budge. Not only have I been gaining weight, but also male pattern body hair growth, also called hirsutism. Genetically I have always been a little hairier, but these past 2 yrs i have grown hair in places a female generally doesn't and it is thick and coarse.


My memory seems to get cloudier and cloudier and my once curly frizzy full head of hair has been thinning and becoming very dry. I don't have terrible acne or crazy breakouts but I get bad ingrown hairs and mild folliculitis around my thighs and face. I don't sleep very well and get irritated/anxiety fairly quick even though I always thought of myself as a calm person.


I did some blood work and a hair analysis and apparently I have very very poor hormonal balance, excess testosterone, very low magnesium and iron, and high sodium and potassium. And that my metabolism is too slow.


Sorry about going on about all the symptoms, but I was wondering if your notion of regenerative eating will help restore my hormones and make my life hopefully a little better haha. I feel like I have lost complete control of my body.


I am so young and have a hard time engaging in lots of activities or going out in public due to discomfort and embarrassment. "


Sent 10/19

I am so sorry to hear of all your troubles, and at such a young age! You will be relieved to learn that yes, Regenerative Eating will help you quickly drop the excess pounds, restore your hormonal balance, defog your brain, curb the unwanted hirsuteness, bring your curly head of hair back to life, reduce the frequency of ingrowing hairs, and basically restore your body to perhaps an even higher level of health than you remember ever having before.


The reason Regenerative Eating works so well is because it's mostly our daily diets that cause our health problems in the first place. Notice how you were just going along in life, happy and healthy (or so you thought), and then these strange things started happening... First one, then another, then another, and each one making you feel worse? This is evidence that your current health problems are the cumulative result of past and current behaviors.


Non-food behaviors that cumulatively harm our health include not getting enough sleep, exercise, fresh air, and direct sunlight; having poor hygiene; and living with detrimental environmental issues such as air and water pollution, poor sanitation, too much stress, etc. However, even if all of these factors are addressed and adequate, incorrect eating habits can still wreak havoc because nothing impacts our health to nearly the same degree as the things we put into our bodies on a daily basis.


The food behaviors that cause us the most trouble are:

1. Eating too much concentrated protein and carbs;

2. Eating too much processed food and chemicals;

3. Eating foods that require opposing digestive processes;

4. Not eliminating food residues within 24 hours;

5. Not chewing carbs thoroughly enough to begin digestion.

(Please keep in mind, these behaviors are not your fault. We've all been taught mostly incorrect eating habits all of our lives, and adopting new ones can be a bit of a learning process...)


Regenerative Eating stops these behaviors, or at least greatly reduces them from the very first day, mostly by focusing on just the 1 guideline of eating compatibly (#3 above). This allows your body to do what it does very well naturally—heal itself—which means reversal of current unhealthy symptoms. All you really need to do is get out of its way, and by that I mean you need to correct the destructive eating habits and other behaviors that have been preventing this natural process from happening as it should.


The good news is, the past doesn't matter. Even as it took 22 years for your body to reach the uncomfortable state it's in today, I can assure you that you will feel much, MUCH better in a matter of days (maybe even the very first day—I did!). And as long as you keep eating regeneratively, you will continue to realize better and better health until you can hardly even remember feeling like you do right now.


You should also start sleeping better almost immediately, and very soon you will find yourself seeking fun outlets for your new-found energy, craving fresh air and sunshine, and handling stress more easily than ever before. Hard to imagine right now, I know! But getting the food part right really does help everything else just kinda fall into place like that.


Remember that this is not a fad diet, and it should not be treated as such. Regenerative Eating should be considered a lifestyle change, because reverting back to your old eating habits WILL bring about the same health problems you're suffering now, and potentially some new ones to boot... And those new ones could be worse than what you're currently dealing with!


Have you downloaded my free 4-Day Challenge yet? It gives you a good idea of what eating regeneratively can look like, outlines some of the basic guidelines, helps you learn more with probably way too much explanation (LOL), and it includes recipes to make meals from scratch. For those of us who live in the real world, I've also included grocery shortcuts and restaurant/fast food options for convenience, because who can (or wants to) spend all day in the kitchen anymore, right?


If my Challenge meals don't appeal to you, just send me an email including a basic idea of how and what you usually eat, and I will create a day's worth of custom menus for you for free. Regenerative Eating will help you. All you have to do is learn it and put it into practice, and I am happy to help you do that. "


Received 10/24 - RESULTS

" ... I haven't been following the 4 day menu exactly, but I have been trying to eat to the basic guidelines. I realized I can eat and eat at any given meal and not feel heavy full or bloated. I have been going to the bathroom more regularly (before I use to have very loose stools often and my doctor said I probably wasn't absorbing the nutrients enough and it was passing straight through me).


And yes, I have been going to bed a bit earlier and have some more energy during the day. I think I lost a lb or two already :) not sure, i need a new scale but I feel lighter overall.


What really shocked me is how defogged my brain has become in a few short days. I am so much calmer during the day and not so irritated or stressed about silly things. And the other day while chatting with my sister, I dropped to the ground to do a few sets of ab crunches! haha I am definitely continuing this for long term along with a new workout program.


Thank you for checking in with me!! I am grateful for kind people like you who are so willing to help others :) "


Sent 10/24

How fantastic for you to have so much improvement in just a few days! It's truly amazing, isn't it?


Your doctor was correct about your not absorbing nutrients—that's a huge part of the problem with eating carbs and proteins in the same meal, and it also prevents everything else in the meal from being digested properly as well.


I think you're going to be surprised when you step on the scales. Weight loss is quite rapid at first, and then over time it slows until you adjust your diet again for your new weight. Don't be alarmed to see as much as 10 pounds gone within a week or so, and please don't worry that you're losing it "too fast" either. There is no such thing with Regenerative Eating because all you're doing is eating more like a human should, and your body will correct the problems at its own pace, which is never wrong.


With exercise, just be sure not to push yourself too hard. If you're doing anything that causes discomfort, stop. Also don't exercise beyond the point of fatigue. When you feel like you need a breather, take one, and then resume your workout when you feel ready (regardless of what the program instructions may say). Pushing yourself a little is good; pushing too hard is ultimately bad for the body.


I've attached the other 3 days of the Challenge so you can play with a whole week's worth of Regenerative Eating menus and learn even more about it. And remember you can ask me questions anytime, so please don't hesitate. Please also keep me posted as your health continues to improve—I love to read wonderful success stories like yours!


Congratulations again, and keep up the good eating!


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Have you tried my FoodMagick 4-Day Challenge yet?
It's free and easy, and it really can change your life!


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